What Foods You Need To Stay Away From, According To Doctors

What Foods You Need To Stay Away From, According To Doctors

Shocking as it may seem, but based on studies, 90% of all the human cells are actually non-human cells. They are bacteria, viruses, funguses and worms that live in us. Most of what happens to us is determined by the variation of our bacteria and our bacteria control our behavior by sending messages to the brain. Simply put, our body is a condominium for these bugs and we’ve exchanged them living in us for food.

According to nutrition experts, everything we eat can solve the disease we have within us, based on the foods that we put inside our body. Furthermore, it can extend our lifespan to potentially things that people can’t even imagine. On the other hand, there are certain foods that are the greatest enemy of our body and our health.

With that said, here’s the list of foods that you need to stay away from, according to Doctors;

Processed Foods

Processed foods come with lots of additives. Hot dogs, sausages and salami are equally undesirable because the processed meat contains a lot of fat, sodium, artificial colors and preservatives. In order to disguise the salinity in these products, dextrose is added, which is one of the major causes of heart disease, diabetes and other pulmonary complications.


To make the Pâté, they use the cheapest and worst meat categories which include skins, bones, hooves and cartilage. More than half of the Pâté is of water, fat, starch, large amount of salt, spices, emulsifiers and other chemicals. Pâté should be avoided in the intestine because they are still lower quality than those in cans.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil such as canola oil, soybean oil and corn oil are very high in omega-6 fatty acids which are going to imbalance your omega-3 ratio, causing system-wide inflammation. This can cause high cholesterol, skin to age faster, obesity and certain diseases. Most of these oils are hydrogenated oils and many of them also come from GMO products or genetically modified plants such as cord, canola and soy.

Wheat Products

Today, our grains and wheat have gone through a process called hybridization. It has much more starch, has less nutrients and has much higher levels of gluten. Stay away from all wheat products unless it’s a sprouted ancient grain, even then only consuming it in small amounts.

Microwaved Popcorn

Microwaved popcorn contained chemicals that can increase the risk of cancer, affect fertility and interfere with kidney function. Many microwave popcorns have artificial flavors, trans fatty acids and other chemicals that can cause headaches and nausea.

Genetically Modified Soy

Soy can be an endocrine disrupter and can affect estrogen levels. 90% of soy is genetically modified and it’s then typically isolated into a soy protein, which is quite frustrating because it is also put in infant baby formulas. Unless it was traditionally and organically prepared, stay away from genetically modified soy.

Conventional Dairy Products

Dairy, if it’s grass-fed, organic and comes from an animal and fermented, it might be healthy. The problem is, most conventional dairy today contains chemicals, hormonal drugs and antibiotics which are some of the most toxic things you can ever put in your body. Conventional dairy products can cause weight gain, mucus, phlegm buildup, gut digestive issues and many more.

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