Can a Doctor Ethically Have Sex with His Patient?

Doctors should not have sex with their patients. There is an ethical as well as a moral angle to this issue.

Yes, there are many instances where doctors have had sex with their patients. In some cases, the doctor was found to have made a sexual advance towards a current patient. In a few instances, the advances were reported by the patient and the doctor gets stripped off his medical licenses and may even face legal charges.

Sometimes, a doctor had sex with his patients and got reported by a third party. Even if it is consensual, having a sexual relationship with a patient is a strict no-no for doctors in almost any country in the world. The results are pretty much the same when it is reported by a third party. The doctor is debarred from practice and may face legal consequences for the action.

But what if a patient initiates or makes the sexual advance?

Many people think the doctor will not be held responsible in case a patient initiates the contact. Surprisingly, that does not change anything. In fact, the patient may also face legal sanctions for the act. Some nefarious patients have taken Freaky Videos of doctors having sex with them and blackmailed them later with the videos.

Doctor having Sex With Patients will always have implications for the medical professional.

Why is this rule so strict?

A doctor assumes massive authority and trust from the patient due to his role as a medical professional. In many cases, the patient may feel powerless in front of an authority figure like a doctor and thus may be taken advantage. So, to prevent such misuse of power, the medical councils in almost every country has made it a sanctioned offence for a doctor to have any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with the patients. In case a violation is reported, such doctors will be investigated and their names struck from the medical councils’ and their license to practice medicine will be revoked.
The taboo nature of this relationship has given rise to the doctor-patient sex porn video genre. While no doctor will be willing to throw away years of hard work of getting through the medical school over one patient, stranger things have happened in the past.

So what is the situation if a doctor is involved with a person who used to be a patient?

Most guidelines talk about the responsibility of a doctor towards his patients he is currently treating. There is nothing specified as to when a current patient becomes an ex-patient. By common rule, If a doctor is no longer treating a patient, then they no longer have the doctor-patient relationship. And thus the rules relating to the ethics of getting romantically or sexually involved with a patient no longer apply.
However, this ruling may differ from country to country. So it would be wise to check on them before getting close to any doctor or a patient.




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